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Emma Eismontaite

Emma Eismontaite


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About Me:Hello! My name is Emma, and I'm fifteen. I do tennis as well as horse-riding. Also, I love Art and English, and have chosen to write stories because I love creative writing! x

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A Reindeer Like Me

A Reindeer Like Me

A reindeer like me (Part 1)


A reindeer like me is no ordinary reindeer. I’m not a reindeer that can soar through the sky with Santa Claus and have eleven friends bounding along with me. I’m a beautiful Christmas decoration to hang on the tree. I hold my head high to show off my new elegant antlers and I stand in a proud position because I am hung high in the middle of the tree where everyone can see me. I am an incredibly rich colour of hazel with a pale cream coat on my chest and I have long, thick eyelashes. But I have never had a ruby red nose. Mine is moist and ebony black. My name is Dasher because of my quick speed and my light hooves that dash and bolt like lightening.   

     So I stretched smugly and arched my back, when I had finally finished hibernating in the box and had been propped up on a fir branch. I had to rest during the day because, to me, the night is like the day is to people. I explore my new surroundings and make sure I come back before sunrise. It’s this new place that excites me the most.

     So, after everyone has gone to sleep, I jump out of the Christmas tree and land expertly but softly on the wooden floor. All the other Christmas decorations began to whisper loudly.

     “That young reindeer will never come back alive!”

     “She won’t survive!”

     “She’s a young ’un. Bet she’ll be sorry when she’s eaten alive by rats and mice!”

     Those bitter words ignited extreme fury in me, so I trotted off in a I-don’t-care manner, but I was terribly flustered. When I crept out of the front door, I shivered continuously because the cold, icy weather bit into my thin layer of fur. The street lights flickered on and off, the wind moaned and the black tongue of the gravel road stretched out into the far distance. I was cold, lonely, scared. I trembled with fright when I heard a loud owl hoot nearby. A flying bat flapped past my ears. A sharp tingle tiptoed down my spine when a large bird squawked and tried to grab me in its sharp, gnarly claws. So I tried to stay out of everyone’s clutches.

     Several people thundered by, chatting. I hid in a gooseberry bush but the thorns prickled me and a scuttling creature crawled beneath me so I ran out again. Red ants and tiny spiders slithered up my legs but I had another, bigger problem. There, in front of me were a pair of crimson, blood-thirsty eyes that bore into mine. 

A Reindeer Like Me | Kingsnews


A reindeer like me (Part 2)



A large, white rat towered above me, slobbery drool dripping from its sharp teeth in an unspeakably disgusting manner.

     So the chase began. I ran and sped and the rat chased after me. It bit into my fur and it stung, but I bared my teeth and, determined to get away, I finally ran out of its reach. Blood was oozing out of my skin, but nevertheless I was fine. You may think that, as I am a wooden toy, nothing would come out of my fur, but as soon as midnight strikes, I become real, but remain tiny. As I said, a reindeer like me is no ordinary reindeer. I’m a unique reindeer.

     By this point I had no idea where I was and as I limped cautiously along the pavement, the sun began to rise. It was Christmas Day. Suddenly, I began to think: What on earth will the little girl say when she sees that her favourite, special reindeer toy has gone? She will be immensely anxious. Where am I? How am I going to get home?

     I too, you see, was worried. But, fortunately, the little girl had just come riding towards me on her bike. So, in a flash, I turned back into a wooden toy.

     “So there you are!” she exclaimed delightedly. She picked me up, gently but firmly and as she held me in the soft palm of her hand, it began to snow; like magic, shimmery glitter. It was as if the day had some magical mystery behind it... And I was right!            


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