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A guide to London: Borough / Southwark

A guide to London: Borough / Southwark

London is a fascinating, beautiful, busy city. Sometimes, it is hard to know where to go for the best pancakes, the best skateboarding park, or the best view. Borough by borough, area by area, I will guide you to some of the best places in London.

Borough, also known as Southwark, is a borough in the south of London. It is an ever changing area, where new restaurants and cafes are always coming up. Here are the best things to do in Borough:

Tate Museum of Modern Art: Modern art is disliked by many who believe it to be too simple. However, modern art can be many different things and especially for some of the younger readers, it might be fun to get introduced to art by looking at giant statues, and paintings that take up entire rooms, which Tate offers. There is also a new viewing platform on floor 10 of the new addition to the building, from which you can see the Millenium Bridge, St. paul’s cathedral and much more.

Borough Market: Borough Food Market is one of the oldest food markets in London. It is based underneath train tracks on platforms, which serves as a surprisingly cosy setting. In this food market you can find some of the best cheesecake ever, delicious meat or vegetarian sandwiches, burgers, or fish and chips. You can usually sit inside the market and eat with your friends and family, and after you are done eating you can go down to the river where a huge pirate-looking ships awaits you; you can go on board this ship and explore the ship as it gently sways with the waves.

John Harvard library: The John Harvard Library has a huge section of children’s books. It is a cosy library with many visitors, and there is a good café with cakes as well. You can sit in the café and read some books or magazines with your parents or friends.

The Globe: The Globe is a theatre that is an exact replica of the theatre that Shakespeare worked in 400 years ago. Unlike most other theatres, this one is round, outdoors, and have very few seats which means you will have to stand up for the show, which is part of the experience. Back when Shakespeare was alive, most people could not afford to buy seats, which meant that the majority simply stood up. This is a fun and different experience, and you quickly forget that you are standing up when you watch the funny, sad, romantic or happy plays and look around you to enjoy the beautiful artwork on the side of the theatre.

The River: go for a walk along the river Thames and walk past restaurants, cafes, and shops, or join one of the many river tours, which will show you London from the water. This is a great way to spend a few hours seeing London from a different perspective, as the tour guides tell you about the buildings and statues you pass.


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