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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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A Fringoo Holiday

A Fringoo Holiday

“STOP THERE!” I shouted pointing at the guilty party who were making their escape.


   All the clues fit together now. It was like a jigsaw puzzle. It has been in front of me the whole time. I remember it all…


   I remembered walking into the building as I felt a warm touch of the wind upon my skin. It was not the way I wanted to spend my holiday. A lady in bright blue stood at the door welcoming all of the guests into the mansion. We were each introduced to a melancholy maid.


   We were showed into a large hall where the lady in blue rose to her feet and tapped a glass to arouse everyone who were too deep in conversation to notice that the melancholy maid was communicating at a guest. I managed to see an evil grin and my curiosity awoke. They then stared at me and sent a shiver down my spine. I wished that I had seen nothing.


   Lunch was delicious no divine. I felt as if I was in heaven floating on a cloud and I have very picky taste buds. Everyone settled down and the lady in blue introduced herself. There lady Fringoo stood with her family. We were then led into our rooms by our maids. Our moody maid - as I call her – took us to our room and vanished in the blink of an eye.


   I overheard talking. They were familiar voices of suspicious people but their faces were hidden through the darkness of the night. “… We’ll keep it in,” she lowered her voice “… the family portrait. There’s a safe behind it.” I turned around in the nick of time as they were about to spot me.


   Silently and swiftly, I hustled to my room. More than ever, I wanted to find out what they are plotting but there were other things on my mind that night. Later that evening, a sound was heard; a sound of despair and fear. We all ran to the source of the sound but was it too late.


   Lord Fringoo demanded a search to take place but I already had my own investigation. I tiptoed into the corridor to find the family portrait. Only the most picky people , which I am, would notice that this  portrait is tilted to the right by 5 degrees. Wait let me check - 5.1 degrees exactly. But everything else is perfectly straight. I took out my notebook and jotted this down and took photos for evidence.


    What could this mean? What should I do? My mind was about to explode with questions. Eurika!!! An idea from a movie came back to me. I set the portrait straight and it opened like a door. Bubbling with curiosity I went inside. There was a stash of money and a travel brochure and letters. I rummaged through the letters and saw many house reviews. I counted the money to a total of £1350 and houses were crossed out except for one.


    The door shut. Trying to think of a solution, I leaned against the wall. Everything happened so quickly. I found myself in a room with my hosts. But the criminal had just left. I got a glimpse of their brown hair sticking out. “Thank you for saving me!” Lady Fringoo cried as I untied her.


   I instructed her to stay here and out of sight until I figure out the kidnapper. I hurried down to Lord Fringoo. His door opened wide enough so that I saw pinned paper with a familiar picture printed on it. I also saw a picture of someone but surprisingly not all was found. As I began to question him I noticed him confident; a little too confident. I added him to my suspect list.  Later that day, when he was not in his room, I sneaked into his bin and retrieved the picture of well u know… Lady Fringoo ripped in half of what I could tell was anger.


   I returned to my room excited as this may be the evidence that I need. Full of joy, I collected my folder of evidence and called a meeting. “… so Lord Fringoo you are under arrest. The police will collect you now. Lady Fringoo you can come out now.” I explained.


“No! you’ll never get away with this!” Lord Fringoo shouted in fury as they carried him away.

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