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The Conservative Party

The Conservative Party

   Formerly called the Tories back in the 17th Century, the Conservative Party are one of the oldest political parties in Europe and are normally associated with traditional views and a very pro-monarch ideology. The Conservative Party are represented by the colour blue and their logo consists of a drawing of a tree standing on a blue base; this is designed to represent growth and strength.

   The Party is still colloquially referred to as the Tories and their party revolves around a few important political values.  As well as a focus on the need for tradition, the Conservatives also promote free trade; i.e. not putting government restrictions on the trading market, limited state intervention; meaning that the government do not have too much involvement in people’s lives and finally a Conservative stance on moral issues e.g. family, the church and the monarchy. It is these ideologies that form the basis for all Conservative policies; the ideas are then adapted to suit the current political climate. 

Conservative Party: Of, For And By the People!

   So what exactly are the Conservatives’ policies then? The three main political policy areas are: economic, social and foreign policy. The economic stance of the Tory party at present is a focus on increasing the competitiveness of the British economy and an aim to reduce taxation. The party plan to reduce the country’s debts by making sizeable cuts to government spending, which they believe is the best way to improve Britain’s financial situation. In terms of social policy, the Tories promote a strict approach to dealing with crime and want to bring about longer sentences for serious offenders,  as well as their key focus which is creating a ‘big society’. This is the idea of stronger communities that deal with a lot of their own issues, without much government intervention. Finally, we come to Foreign policy. The Conservatives are in favour of re-negotiating the terms of Britain’s membership of the European Union as they want to reduce the EU’s influence over Britain, particularly in terms of British law. Moreover, these are all modern policies mostly based around traditional Conservative ideology.

   The Conservative Party have produced a number of influential leaders over the years with some of the most famous being the WW2 Prime Minister, Winston Churchill and Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Thus, the Conservative Party is not only an important part of our political system, but also of British history and remains potentially the most traditional political party in this country.

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