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The Storm

The Storm


Lifelessly she lay there, as still as a room. Contemplating life, wondering whether she would really enable this tumour inside to take over her body. Her struggles for breath could be heard around the house. She asked herself is it that bad? A tear droplet ran slowly down her left cheek, at once she wiped it away reminding herself not to cry. She climbed out from her slumber and quickly walked over to her window, only to witness large chunks of hail coming down heavily from the skies above. The inquisitiveness was getting to her head; she began to repeat the phrase ‘live everyday like it’s your last because you will never know when the gift of life will be taken away’, as she ventured downstairs and into her front patio. Struggling to breathe, she remembered to take her gas bag with her.

Gracefully, she opened the door, only then to be hit tremendously by a raging current of wind, to her great surprise however she loved that feeling, the intensity. As she continued into her front lawn the hail stones began to hurtle towards her….. Only her, she tried to run but that didn’t change it, she started walking back to her house door, it was locked. Frantically she knocked on the window and knocked on her neighbour’s windows, no response…. By now she had stopped repeating the phrase and began to believe that at this current moment in time death was inevitable, Makayla’s eyes began to tear and her face turned blue, she had never experienced anything like it before, rain and hail would come and go but not to this extent. She began to question these events scientifically, was it possible for there to be a storm which had such a force as to be ripping trees from their foundation, turning cars over, having large hailstones pound her repeatedly. Her heart was thumping in response to peals of thunder, opening her eyes once again only to acknowledge that the thunder was still ongoing.

She stood up and looked up to the heavens, grey clouds, thunder, lighting, she thought to herself “Could this day get any worse?”, she continued walking looking for a safe place to stay away from the hailstones coming down on her, “A bus stop!” she cried.  Walking in a fast motion was all she could do at the time, at last she reached the bus shelter and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. However she now turned her attention to her gas bag, it was nowhere to be found. Looking around in desperation was all she could do, as time began to build up she was losing her breath, “it’s happening again” she wept, “HELP!” she blubbered continuously. In a matter of time her lungs would be filled with water and she wouldn’t be able to breathe… “Please God, don’t do this to me, not now, I have my whole life to live” struggling for air she continued “Family, friends, please...”. She lay there lifeless, no one to assist her, no one to help her, there was nothing she could do.

She felt this sudden rush of breathtaking wind, she then rose and was baffled as to how she was still alive. Grasping her gas bag which was in her right hand she began to smile and that smile then turned into tears of happiness.

“I guess it just wasn’t meant to be!” she screamed.


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