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Chocolate Chip Brownies

Chocolate Chip Brownies


Here’s a classic tasty treat that’s dead easy to make. I’m sure my fellow chocoholics will agree that a good brownie recipe is a must-have!

This may be an easy recipe, but you’ll still need to take care when melting the chocolate.



Difficulty Level: 2/5






- Rectangular Cake Tin

- Heat-proof Bowl

- Saucepan

- Electric Whisk

- Sieve





- 200g Dark Chocolate

- 150g White Chocolate

- 100g Milk Chocolate, chopped

- 125g Butter

- 287g Plain Flour

- 115g Caster Sugar

- 2 Eggs






1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.


2. Melt the dark chocolate and butter in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water – cook for 10 minutes.


3. Add the sugar and eggs and mix with the electric whisk until smooth.


4. Sift in the flour and combine using the whisk.


5. Add the chopped chocolate and stir in.


6. Pour the mixture into a slightly greased rectangular cake tin and bake for around 25 minutes. Keep an eye on them so that they don’t burn.


7. Allow to cool completely in the tin before cutting into squares.




It’s as easy as that!

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