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100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty : 36-40

100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty : 36-40

Continuing the list of ‘100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty.’


36)  Eye to the Telescope - KT Tunstall  -  Tunstall’s debut album that cemented her as a serious artist. Although ‘Suddenly I see’ is the track everyone knows, there are so many works of immense beauty on this album, and Tunstall is able to touch upon important subjects with a deft hand and with cotton-soft vocals, that at the same time, have immense power to them. The album is a mix of rock, pop and R&B. On top of this, you can easily see elements of jazz and neo-soul, which is perhaps why this album works so well. KT can belt out a powerful chorus, and she can almost whisper some lyrics, to the point where you could cry from how pure it sounds. This album is a truly incredible album, especially given that it is a debut. I strongly recommend listening to this album; each and every song on there will grow to be your favourite at some point or other.


Notable songs: Heal Over, Other Side of the World, Through the Dark


37)  Let Them Talk - Hugh Laurie  -  Laurie’s first venture into making a Blue’s album. And boy it works. Unlike his second album, this album is almost exclusively Laurie’s own vocals, and him playing the piano. Despite the rich bluesy sound that Laurie so perfectly captures, he never leaves you despairing; there’s a sense of warmth to his voice, to his performance, that always provides you with a feeling of hope. Instrumentally, the arrangements are wonderful, and you hear the really deep bass sounds, and light, bluesy guitar strums all at the same time. This is a fantastic album to introduce you to the Blues.


Notable songs: Battle of Jericho, Hallelujah I Love Her So, St. James’ Infirmary


38)  Innerversions - Stevie Wonder  - Another classic album from Stevie Wonder, filled with the same vibrant funk-soul fusions that we have come to know and love. Wonder’s Keys are fabulous, with insanely intricate and inventive bass lines, which really adds to the funk elements of the songs, which is something a lot of songs don’t bother with. Typical bass lines just follow the root note of each chord as the song’s progression, whereas Stevie Wonder writes bass lines that jump around everywhere, but in a totally musical way, and all this, combined with the horns, vocals and well-written lyrics, makes for another amazing album.


Notable songs:  Living for the City, Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing, Higher Ground


39)  The Whole Story - Kate Bush  -  A compilation of some of Kate Bush’s finest work. Bush has a truly unique vocal sound that remains unparalleled. You can immediately tell when she begins to sing, and there is no doubt whatsoever it is her. Her voice gives such emotion and performance to each song, and as such, every time you hear a song, it feels as powerful as it did the first time you heard it.


Notable songs: Running Up That Hill, Wuthering Heights, Babooshka


40)  When the Pawn… - Fiona Apple  -  A fantastic Jazz Pop offering from an extraordinary vocalist. She reaches highs and lows, not only in her vocals, but lyrically too. Her words are nothing short of poetic, and witty too. Her voice has a wonderful richness, sultriness even, to it, and that atop of astutely arranged horns, strings, piano, bass and more, makes for a truly remarkable album.

Notable songs: A Mistake, Paper Bag, I Know



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