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100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty : 31-35

100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty : 31-35

The next installment of ‘100 songs to listen to before you turn twenty.’


31)  Le Debut - Cocosuma  -  From a little known French band, that have since disbanded. They provide an interesting fusion of electronica, minimalism and trip hop. They use interesting beats, and have a unique lead vocalist, whose dulcet tones cut through the harshness of the lyrical themes. A relaxing listen in many ways, yet also catchy and thought-provoking.


Notable songs: Must Try Harder, Back to the Start, Chimera


32)  Time - Electric Light Orchestra  -  A powerful entry from the early 1980’s, that is in fact a concept album, depicting the tale of a man from the 1980’s who ends up in the year 2095. Throughout the album, there is a continuous dichotomy of the man yearning for the past and romances, and the advantages of technological advancements. The album falls between categories, and is often described as a progressive rock work, or synth-pop offering. The band combine flawless vocals with full orchestra scores to create something absolutely untouchable; this album is nothing short of a masterpiece.


Notable songs: Ticket to the Moon, 21st Century Man, Twilight


33)  Areas of High Traffic - Damien O’Kane  -  A contemporary take on Irish folk music. This album clearly pays homage to the traditional Irish music, whilst possessing a modern, progressive twist. O’Kane deftly uses electric guitar and drums to enhance his songs, in a way that perfectly complements his vocals, never detracting from the folk roots. Jazz also weaves itself throughout the album, making for a truly unique album. The album features some covers of traditional folk songs, alongside new material, and O’Kane manages to make the album still sound like a cohesive piece, thanks to his beautiful arrangements. A really great introduction into folk music.


Notable songs: Til Next Market Day, The Maid of Seventeen, The Banks of Bann


34)  The Shocking Miss Emerald - Caro Emerald  -  Emerald’s second album, and it is not a disappointment. She continues with her distinct neo-jazz and swing style, creating some more immensely catchy tunes, that you can’t help but dance to. Her vocals are still just as incredible as the previous album, and her musical arrangements are still perfection. Caro slides in with her silky vocals and smooth strings in ‘Black Valentine,’ then makes everyone jump up and charleston with ‘The Maestro.’ If you’re looking for something a bit different, with horn instruments taking more of a fore, and interesting lyrics and a nostalgic sound with dynamic rhythms, this is the album for you.


Notable songs: Black Valentine, Tangled Up, Coming Back as a Man


35)  The Best of OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark  -  A compilation of stand-out tracks from an innovative band that formed at the of the 70’s. They use synth-pop in combination with elements of post-punk, new-wave music and more. Their music is extremely catchy, the vocals are dynamic, and the melodies are fluid and enjoyable to listen to.

Notable songs: Enola Gay, Messages, Electricity



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