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100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty : 21-25

100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty : 21-25

The next installment of ‘100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty.’


21)  Lindsey Stirling - Lindsey Stirling  -  An eponymous debut album from an immensely talented violinist and composer. Stirling creates a new kind of violin music that has completely innovated the instrument and thus, changed its entire perception. She has a huge fan-base and it’s clear to see why; not only has Stirling written incredibly beautiful- hauntingly beautiful, in fact, melodies for the violin, and played them with amazing expression and precision, but she has managed to mix these transcendent melodies with a beat- dubstep, if you will. This album is like nothing you’ll have heard before, and it is definitely worth your attention.


Notable songs: Elements, Crystallize, Transcendence


22) Songs from ‘The Falling’ - Tracey Thorn  -  This is an unusual album, no doubt, but for that reason, it is extremely memorable. This album accompanies a film, ‘The Falling,’ and is unlike any other film soundtrack I have ever heard. Thorn uses an odd array of instruments- you won’t find the typical lushly orchestrated strings section and horn sections here. Instead, Thorn uses Guiros, bells, shakers...and her hypnotic voice to wonderful effect. Although an unusual offering, this album is surely a modern classic, and you should definitely have a listen.


Notable songs: Let Me In, Hospital, Follow Me Down


23)  Froot - Marina and the Diamonds  -  Marina Diamandis is back on top form here, with her 2014 album. Having shaken off her previous melancholy and uncertainty of identity, Marina returns strong, confident, happy, with a beautiful album touching on human nature, mortality, and finding happiness within yourself. Songs vary between ethereal, stripped back, vocally focused pieces such as Happy, which burgeons in its orchestration along with the lyrics, to divine, rich instrumentations and chilling, note-perfect vocals. This album has a song for every mood, for every situation, and ultimately, her intelligent lyric-writing really makes you think about some important topics. Aside from this, her melodies, chords and vocal tone are a joy to experience.


Notable songs: Happy, Immortal, Savages


24)  Let Go - Avril Lavigne  -  A throwback album, that many young adults today grew up with. It is irrefutably a timeless album, and even if you are too young to have reached your angsty teen years, or whether you are experiencing them now, this album will have something for you. This is a younger, grittier Avril, who wrote some killer riffs, beautiful chord progressions, and sang her heart out about love, loneliness and loss. This album is catchy, memorable and well worth a listen.


Notable songs: I’m With You, Tomorrow, Anything But Ordinary


25)  Hold Your Colour - Pendulum  -  Created by an Australian Drum and Bass band, this album is a unique electronica offering, fused with elements of Jungle and Rock. Featuring breakbeats and smooth chordal transitions, alongside interesting lyrical themes, this is more than your standard electro album.

Notable songs: Hold Your Colour, Blood Sugar, Tarantula



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