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100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty : 16-20

100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty : 16-20

More albums from the list, 100 albums to listen to before you turn twenty.


16)  The Family Jewels - Marina and the Diamonds  -  This is an album by an artist of extraordinary talent. Marina Diamandis is the women behind this project, who composes the music, writes the lyrics, plays the music, and sings. Woah. And to top it, her music is very, very good! Her album is eclectic, eccentric, touching on all sorts of themes, including ambition, depression and the nature of relationships. The songs are so unique in style, it’s hard to describe. Keyboard typically plays an important role, and Marina’s vocals are so incredibly beautiful, you will find yourself not even noticing so many little intricacies in the songs, but when you re-listen to the album, you will find yourself shivering at the immaculate, ethereal string sections and subtle vocal harmonies.


Notable songs: Girls, Numb, Shampain


17)  West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum - Kasabian  -  An unusual album, basing itself on a lunatic asylum that still stands, now abandoned, in Leeds, Yorkshire. The band create a sort of indie electric rock feel, with elements of psychedelia. Lyrically, the music is very interesting, and you will find yourself trying to make out the stories of the asylum from the songs. Equally, the music itself is very appealing, with vibey guitars and synthesizers playing a key part to the music. The album manages to take us through the highs and lows of the asylum, bringing us a sense of hope, despair, and indeed, mania.


Notable songs: Happiness, West Ryder Silver Bullet, Fire


18)  The Deserters - Rachel Zeffira  - A truly ethereal album, filled with utterly beautiful, soprano vocals, atop of dense and divine piano music and electronica. Her vocals are heavenly, sometimes so silky smooth, other times, breathy with emotion. Zeffira arranges the pieces, creating rich orchestrations of wonderfully connected strings, piano, and more. If you want to hear a type of music different to all that you’ve heard before, this is the album for you. This is the perfect album to listen to if you need to relax.


Notable songs: The Deserters, Break the Spell, Star


19)  The Piano Guys - The Piano Guys  -  Another self-titled album as a debut, that successfully put the Piano Guys on the map. The group play piano (of course) but also Cellos, and it is this fusion that creates their innovative music. They perform covers, but not only that, they meld songs together, creating amazing ‘mash-ups’ of songs you would never have to thought to combine. For example, they do an extraordinary piece working together Mozart and Michael Jackson.


Notable songs: Michael Meets Mozart, Peponi, Code Name Vivaldi


20)  Garbage - Garbage  -  Continuing the theme of eponymous albums, Garbage’s most famous work, and with good reason. This is the epitome of grunge music, with fierce, punky lyrics, zingy distorted guitar sounds and innovative composition style. It is difficult to describe this album, other than as a classic. Whatever you’re feeling, this album has you covered, and it will throw in some insanely catchy guitar riffs and a sassy female icon to boot.

Notable songs: I think I’m Paranoid, Only Happy When it Rains, Milk



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