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Our authors attend schools and universities in the UK, each studying different subjects with interests and passions that make them perfect for their job - writing for you. No matter your interests, you will find someone in this project who writes about something you are interested in, or in a way you can particularly relate to. We believe that this connection is a result of the individuality that each member brings to the team, to create the best magazine for you. That being said, what better way to get to know the authors of your favourite articles than to meet them here on this page.


Here it goes... time to meet the team:     


Nadege Preston- Chief Editor and Author

Nadege is a fourth year student studying French studies at the University of Leeds. Having completed her third year abroad in the south of France, in Montpellier, Nadege has immersed herself in the French language and culture, the reason behind creating this category. She also studied Modern Literature at University in Montpellier, therefore has a keen interest in writing and reading, whether it be in French or English. Nadege has also learnt Spanish in her first year at University, and in her opinion, learning languages is very important for effective communication and understanding different cultures. Additionally, Nadege is a keen photographer, painter and enjoys being creative, therefore you may also find her articles under the Photography and Arts & Crafts categories.


Ben Coates - Author

Ben studies Psychology and Criminology at Royal Holloway and is an ethusiastic and talented writer, bringing with him fascinating insight in to the human mind; so if you're curious about what makes us tick then look no further than Ben's Psychology articles. Like so many of our authors, Ben is a talented sportsman and has competed at a high level in cheerleading for Royal Holloway, claiming victory at multiple events with his team and even performing at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland! Ever the performer Ben is also our expert on all things musical and portrays his knowledge for us all frequently in the Theatre category so make sure to give his articles a read!

Alice Barnes-Brown

Alice Barnes-Brown - Author

Alice studies Modern History and Politics at Royal Holloway, University of London and excels in modern British history, the theory and structure of government bodies, and most of all modern Greek history. Her wide variety of interests are reflected in Alice's articles and you'll find her to be quite the jack of all trades with articles covering multiple categories though we are perhaps most lucky to have her travel advice in the Places To Go category and numerous in depth Book Reviews. Quite the adventurer Alice is learning to speak and understand Greek so that one day she will be able to talk freely with her Greek friends and travel around Greece with perfect ease. As a politician, historian and talented writer it comes as no suprise that Alice has a passion for reading and this no doubt influences many of her fascinating articles though she attributes much of her brilliance to her cat, Catkin.

Emma Eismontaite - Author

Hello, my name is Emma, and I am 13 years old. I have loved writing (especially creative writing) ever since I was little, and was writing stories just for fun. Now, ever since I was introduced to Kingsnews, I didn’t know it would be possible, but I loved writing even more, since I am writing stories that would be published onto a website, where thousands would be able to see it! Wow, I am doing one of my favorite things, and getting paid for it! I may be a sporty girl, doing tennis and horse-riding, but most of the time I actually spend indoors, reading. Reading is one of my passions, because it is one of those rare times that I can get lost in something, where your imagination takes over. I read a variety of books, and that feeds my mind for story ideas. So, now you know about me and how I came about Kingsnews!

Ivor Jones - Author

Ivor studies English Literature at the University of Sussex and enjoys reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction, both for his course and in his spare time. As an aspiring journalist, he is keen on keeping up with with the latest political events happening around the world and so, as well as writing articles for the Book Review, Theatre and Poetry sections, you will also find articles of his in the Current Affairs section. Added to this, he is loves to read all things historical and is particularly interested in the ways in which past events inform upon present issues facing the world today. His favourite writers include Martin Amis, Patrick Cockburn, Franz Kafka and George Eliot.         

Hannah Dickinson - Author

Hannah currently studies Music at the University of Sussex and is interested in everything musical, from performing to orchestration. As an aspiring writer from a young age, she enjoys writing both creatively and writing non-fiction, and loves to read in her spare time. Her favourite genre is science-fiction; Orwell's '1984' and Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale' are two of her favoruite novels. She is also very committed to dance, teaching and choreographing for the Dance society at university. Alongside this, Hannah has a broad range of interests from History to Psychology to Art, so you will find her articles in multiple sections. 

Anastassia Puttnam - Author

Hiya, I am Anastassia Puttnam and write stories for KingsNews. When I started writing for this website my vocabulary was quite good for my age, but I  had to really think of a way to push my "wow words" into a sentence. However, now because I have to write  on a regular basis it is natural  and is easy to make my writing flow. When I grow up I am going to be a heart surgeon because I love everything to do with science! From blood and guts to molecules and photosynthesis...I love it all! One of my hobbies is drama, I have been doing it since I was 5 and have been going to a club every Saturday.
So now you know how this website has benefitted me and what I like.

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