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  • 'DAMN.' Review

    'DAMN.' Review

    So it has come. Kendrick Lamar – the ‘saviour of rap’ – has released his follow up to the masterpiece that was ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’. It came a little bit ear...

  • 'DAMN.' Review pt.2

    'DAMN.' Review pt.2

    ‘FEAR’ is an equally disconcerting listen: it is an exploration of the differing fear with the coming of age. But this is not a universal pain; it’s cemented in Kendrick’...

  • 'DAMN.' Review pt.3

    'DAMN.' Review pt.3

    Then we follow one of Kendrick’s characters, ‘Johnny’, who in this instance is a teenager, disillusioned with school and wishing to be a rapper. Suddenly a beat change tears th...

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