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  • What is the point of art? pt.2

    What is the point of art? pt.2

    Art can be a distraction, and it can be a soother of pains, and bad art – that which is emotionless and riddled with clichés – can play merely a performative and derisory func...

  • What is the point of art?

    What is the point of art?

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that sometime in around year nine or year ten, the subject of the lesson will be a Shakespearean play, and that there will subsequently be a mass sigh of &...

  • Pan's Labyrinth Review

    Pan's Labyrinth Review

    Why’s it called Pan’s Labyrinth? Who even is Pan? I don’t get it!


    Yes, well perhaps you should watch a different kind of film – Lost In Tra...

  • Why Should We Cook?

    Why Should We Cook?

    Since being at university, I have developed a keen hobby in the shape of cooking. I had enjoyed cooking before but making it on a daily basis only consolidated this pastime. I have seen, since b...

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